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Sweet Limb Vibes EP


The welcomed return of Sweet Limb this season brings an aptly warming trio of lounge-style originals, softly fusing jazz-cafe tones with mild-mannered rap vocals and subtle hints of melody, for the well-titled EP Vibes.

Starting things off is the lo-fi looping optimism and poetic revelations of a thoughtful yet uplifting Dip. Creative musicianship backs an otherwise familiar rhythm for a freshly-crafted backdrop, as our protagonist contemplates the moment in a stylish and seemingly carefree manner; though with occasional depth and longing. It’s an interesting start, rightfully easy to vibe to but also leaving a sense of uncertainty as to whether this feels celebratory or more like a callout on behalf of isolation.

Afterwards, reverb-soaked vocals emerge with familiarity and a smooth melody and intimate lyrical intention, as Ketamine (Feat. KG Robinson) furthers the lounge vibes of guitar and rhythm, and expands on the desire, poetry and emotion of the opener. Here we get a soulful, tired yet expressive delivery, and an atmospheric arrangement that increasingly envelops the listener in its softly passionate energy.

Again there’s uncertainty, the positivity and the pain walking in unison – the self-destruction and the embrace of escapism. This one is beautiful, over four minutes of provocative revelation beside a smoothly immersive groove. It injects (pun intended) an element of glamour into the darker side of socially connecting with other humans, and it gets the body calm in the process. A definite highlight, with fine bass and synth-work to top it off.

For the closing track, our now unmistakable vocal guide delves into a much more gritty social issue – backed by the same laid-back flavors but contrasting this with undeniable struggle and depth of intention. Still that delicacy of voice and production maintains its gentle approach, and as such, the subject matter reaches out with all the more poignancy.

A great way to wrap things up, leaving a lasting impression and prompting a likely return to the start of the EP; to revisit the true underlying issues that make up Vibes.

Grab the project from December 1st, here. Check out Sweet Limb on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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