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Sweet Limb Fly EP


Simple good vibes of piano-led, lo-fi warmth kick up the aptly titled and intimate new EP from Sweet Limb.

Introducing two original songs, that lo-fi presence elevated by a smooth vocal melody, almost whispered in its sleepy connection to the storyline, Fly delivers tales of personal revelation, connection and struggle; the tired search for overcoming.

Despite the optimism and pleasant mood of the music and melody, the lyrics of For The Summer subtly add a little grit and personality, before resolving towards the end for an ultimately poetic and loving ode to appreciation. Softly soulful yet contemporary, and really nicely crafted.

Second in line from the Fly EP is Haze, another piano-led piece but with plenty of space and synth-kissed build-up in the distance.

There’s a little more energy here, an almost EDM inclination as the quicker notes emerge. With that though, the voice is particularly mellow, breathy and revealing, once again devoted to a significant other, and a particular moment in time. Which, incidentally, is precisely what this kind of music and performance gifts its audience – a moment of calm, captured in spite of a chaotic world.

As expected, Haze does indeed gather momentum and energy as it evolves, coming in at almost a minute longer than the opener, and proving all the more open in its vulnerability and musical freedom. The song depicts a deeply personal story of loss, one of suicide and its immeasurable impact on those left behind. By considering this when listening, the whole presence and emotive mood of Haze connects all the more strongly.

And still, the Sweet Limb voice stands tall, versatility and identity walking together, providing hints of melancholy intertwined with an essential wash of optimism and togetherness. Here’s hoping there’s more music to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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