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Introducing a slick and smooth return from the elusive groove master and lyricist Sweet LimbDope offers three original tracks, finely-crafted for that immersive, intimate late-night escapism, and perfectly produced to maximise that embrace.

Got You is an easy anthem for an opener, seductive vocals and dreamy production with a classic rhythm and rolling, warped bassline. Melody and spoken poetic observations and desires pour through with subtly and revelation intertwined, promising an addictive journey that speaks on the realities of love, balancing uncertainty with the comfort of a looping joyful vibe and equally hopeful, soothing premise.

‘You know I always got you’ resolves and simplifies each more complex, listed set of bars, and employs a clever use of contrast to really bridge that gap.

The whole thing is increasingly contemplative, thoughtful in a provocative yet inspiring and deeply-moving fashion – the final verse in particular sets this quality in stone.

Dope remains on point and recognisable for its design and conceptual exploration. Mean What You Say maintains the bass-thick warmth and ethereal melodies, light rhythms, with that unmistakable vocal lead at the forefront. A new story emerges, a likable touch of piano, but ultimately we revert back to these smart, sharp and short lines that again feel easy to listen to yet loaded with depth.

You can take from the music what you need, a laid-back listen to lighten the weight of the world, or something a little more inspiring just when everything else seems to fall short.

For the closer, Slide In The Rain sets a more lo-fi, trip-hop vibe, and begins with a story of error and a fine fusion of personal anecdotes and relatable, accessible poetic references. Just two minutes thirty in full, the track is heartbreakingly focused on its own masterful control of the moment, its delicacy and raw humanity presented in a blissfully emotional way. Again we get that complex balancing of depth and lightness – the chilled-out relaxing vibe, or the ache of a mistake and subsequent lift of optimism.

Naturally memorable, musically uncomplicated yet conceptually indicative of possible complications. Juxtaposition and a serene, secure design and delivery make the Sweet Limb style forever a thing of its own. Dope is lush to escape into, a little brief but perhaps all the more striking in being so.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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