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Swami Lushbeard #ENEMY


Kicking into gear with a brilliant hit of energy, a rising elecric guitar riff and an infectious tempo that quickly sets the mood, Swami Lushbeard’s return this month comes in the form of an absolute anthem.

Stylishly blending the early distortion and vibrancy of the guitar, with that unexpected jazz piano filling out the distant spaces of the song, #ENEMY progresses to add more and more passion and colour into the mix.

Showcasing the classic set-up of indie rock, with short lines that resolve with instrumental weight and intensity, the single impresses from the offset, yet quickly and clearly evolves from good to great as its time-span increasingly envelops you. The latter half in fact feels like almost a different song entirely, this suddenly emotional chorus of voices, calling out in unison, begging for understanding and audience participation. It makes the promise of a live show, should the opportunity return some day, categorically something to look forward to.

On second listen, that opening guitar work is immediately familiar – the effective calling card of an addictive, recognisable anthem. Then you wait for the voice, that accessible rock vocal in all of its honest and vulnerable yet confident glory, and by now you’re likely to be on your feet and feeling well and truly lost in the moment.

Fantastic songwriting, deeply thoughtful and topically on point, from a band who consistently write classics yet still don’t yet reach the broader audiences who would, without a doubt, revel in their passion and ability as much so as any underground following. This purity and energy is rarely found in the mainstream. Perhaps then, it’s a hidden gem for a worthy reason. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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