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Swami Lushbeard All About You


Forever refusing to show signs of slowing down, Swami Lushbeard strike again this season – with perhaps their most stylish and engaging single yet.

The aptly titled All About You tackles the topic of contemporary narcissism – the rise of the selfie-nation and all-eyes-on-me social media. It kicks into gear with a brilliantly slick leading riff and soundscape, along with raw and raspy vocals that seem to showcase the very best of the band’s rock-ready front-man.

As things progress, each and every section proves as well-crafted as the last, and the song’s use of contrast is excellent – the haunting moments of descending riff, piano and guitar united, create a brilliant sense of space and anticipation for the heavy drop back to the explosive resolve of that hook.

Fantastic songwriting, with a uniquely layered, alt-rock style to it that increasingly invites interest in a live show. Undoubtedly their best release yet, in my opinion – though there’s a whole catalogue of original tracks in the making that are more than worth the time it takes to explore.

A band always at the forefront of topical commentary and organic rock craftsmanship – find & follow Swami Lushbeard on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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