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Swami Lusbbeard The Lights Complain


The triumphant return of last-year’s fast-rising rockers Swami Lushbeard brings a boldly poignant single that takes on the state of contemporary society in a fresh way.

From subtle yet brief softness into explosive distortion and heavy bass, The Lights Complain soon weaves in a catchy, descending verse vocal, with short lines that are quick to connect for their anthem-like build up.

This rising anticipation continues and aptly resolves in a sort of indie-rock or classic Britpop fashion – not pop-inspired but natural and honest in its reaching of the conceptual peak.

There’s something different about this release when compared with previous offerings from Swami Lushbeard. The sound has a timeless rock feel, almost blending in with alternative hits from a variety of other bands, for everything from its poignancy to the poetry and overall weight. The identity of the band takes less of a central role, in favour of a more broadly accessible, intentional desire to connect and portray a particular set of ideas.

This approach is refreshing, and the way the band structure the track, the thoughts of better days, the absolution, the uncertainty, and the artistic drop into electric guitar solo realms during the final quarter – everything feels genuine, relevant to the theme, and (perhaps most importantly), brilliantly well-captured so as to offer the high-octane, passionate escapism that rock fans seek out; especially when these issues of the world start to really drag us down.

Grab the music via Bandcamp. Check out Swami Lushbeard on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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