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Susan Waters Rivers in the Desert


Prior to release of her brand new album on October 16th, artist and songwriter Susan Waters has released a handful of beautifully heartfelt singles – not least of all the gorgeously honest, poetic and acoustic-guitar-led I Am Yours.

Featuring a simple, organic set-up, and notably intimate, revealing lyrics, the song introduces Waters’ classically engaging, softly powerful vocals in a quickly immersive way.

There’s a hint of nostalgia to this kind of voice, and to the set-up of the song – it connects in a similarly genuine, emotional and melodically satisfying way to Shania Twain’s You’re Still The One – the vocal qualities even have a similar tone.

Also from the upcoming album is the slightly brighter, fuller set-up and pop-rock song that is Long Way Home. Here we get an Americana-esque hit of scene-setting, detailed story-telling, and the warmth of live drums and electric guitar work united – a brilliant riff tops it all off well.

Immediately the sound is that of Susan Waters now, even with the new mood and pace. Great songwriting once again, shining light on another side of the artist’s creativity.

Setting yet another kind of mood is the beautifully reflective and poetic Rivers in The Desert. A fresh vocal melody, moving from short-form to long-form before brightening up for a smooth and hopeful hook.

Then we get the classic pop production and further warmth of Can’t Take It With Me – a comforting, familiar arrangment, with a personal yet inclusive subject matter that speaks on the things that really matter in life. The song builds up beautifully, ultimately enveloping listeners in this huge wash of optimism and multi-layered colour and passion.

This thoughtful manner of writing proves a fairly consistent trait throughout Susan’s music – these deeply personal yet vaguely explored concepts all at once intrigue and connect for their addressing of real emotions and feelings about the world and the role of the self.

It’s all accessible in classic pop fashion, yet each song feels like a new hit – a contemporary look at a well-loved style, and Susan more than carries the weight of each concept and melodic progression. The upcoming album is likely to be well worth delving into.

Check out the singles here. Grab the album from October 16th. Follow Susan Waters on Facebook & Instagram or visit her Website.

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