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Survivalkid Somebody I’m Not


The second single from songwriter and artist Survivalkid emerges from a unique yet relatable well of inspiration. On reading a nostalgic UNCUT article from years past, which relayed the story of Elliott Smith’s well known struggle with sudden fame, and how it led to his demise, Somebody I’m Not examines the pure humanity at the heart of such a tragedy.

Though Elliott’s adventure in life was unique, the weight of celebrity and fame as a detrimental part of the world is not unknown, and furthermore, the central idea of playing a role you don’t feel fit to play or well suited to, is incredibly poignant. Thus, the heartfelt depth, personal honesty and melodic delicacy of Somebody I’m Not reaches out and connects in a distinctly pure and powerful way.

Survivalkid presents a softly expressive set of vocals, almost whispered, and a humble pop arrangement of distant rhythm, synths, guitar and keys. It’s an incredibly poetic song, something clear from the opening verse, and this ties in well with the musical hero at the heart of its inspiration. Elliott wrote in a way that was incomparable, often with both poetry and personal vulnerability intertwined, and Somebody I’m Not effectively seeks to follow a similar artistic pathway.

“It dawned on me that this struggle is one shared by many, attempting to remain true to oneself amidst the clamor of a competitive world filled with distractions.” – Survivalkid

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