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Suris Rare Brew


Long-time favourites Suris once again refuse to disappoint, releasing perhaps their most addictively interesting, melodically enchanting project yet.

The album Rare Brew showcases the UK-based duo at their very best, and promises a lasting collection of songs that continuously raise the bar for expressive, purposeful and alluring writing.

Astrosurf makes for a brilliant opener. A little Kate Bush esque in tone and the contrast from delicacy to passion, the piano inflections, the melody and story.

Impact is maximised as the piece evolves, intriguing with its imagery and implications along the way. Even the subtle shifts from brightness to melancholy work well to keep things creative and fresh. The drama and pace of that middle-8 shift is also really well-crafted in furthering the uplift of the final section.

Shifting gears immediately is the follow-up This Is The City – dark and stylish, vocally gritty and captivating for imagery and short-lined progressions alike; easily memorable, catchy, and resolving beautifully for that chorus. ‘Walk don’t run’ resounds perfectly and quickly lures you in for a sing along.

Unexpected as ever, Suris lay the foundation for a consistently impressive, fearlessly original album, with songwriting as a clear strength but creative freedom and experimentation no doubt closely intertwined.

Things mellow out somewhat for Great Wide Open, and all the more so for a sultry Big Ship. Fleetwood Mac-esque as before, perhaps with hints of The Pretenders, yet still more notably rooted amidst the Suris sound and catalogue of artistry. Always these eighties rhythms and reverb-kissed vocals, the depths and the vastness, feels true to the band – alongside their uniquely expressive, fascinating writing.

Highlights include the piano-led story and heartfelt, empowering beauty of Hellion, a personal favourite, and the seductive rise and fall of an intimate and romantic Riverman; again evolving from simplicity to fullness in compelling waves of embrace.

Juxtaposition is also masterfully utilised throughout, Warrior Queen proving a fine example – from haunting minimalism to theatrical intensity and passionate, powerful rock presence.

And as a closer, All Over Again is stunning – melodically quirky, simple, stylish, lyrically profound and inspiring – a song that rightfully leaves a lingering sense of contemplation, hopefully prompting stronger appreciation for the moment and the time that we have left. Another favourite, and the perfect way to end.

Musically supreme, endlessly original, gifting a sense of escapism and soul from the outset but later, on revisit, offering more and more lyrical insight and inspiration; complexities that reach out with increasing warmth each time you return.

The whole thing is superb, in short. Easily one of the best, most refreshing albums of the year thus far. Some threads remain to be discovered, the overall concept of Rare Brew to the details and poetry of the lyrics perhaps. Fortunately though, the music is a dream to listen to, so revisiting is a pleasure. Enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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