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Suraaj Parab & Sandeep Kulkarni So Far Away


Mumbai’s Suraaj Parab collaborates with LA’s Sandeep Kulkarni for this powerful and immersive neo-classical release.

The aptly-titled So Far Away initially showcases a mighty composition of classic strings, with clear contrast between the quickness of one part and the smooth wash-over of another. As things progress, soulful and breathy vocals begin to guide us through a poetic series of images and references to love and betrayal.

Feeling immediately cinematic by nature, the song goes on to explore this realm all the more so, making fine use of juxtaposition between heavy moments and those that hit with a little more reflection and delicacy. In every case, the musicianship is faultless, and the vocals progress from intimate to mighty along a similarly united pathway to the soundscape.

The latter half sees the ultimate passion and power of the arrangement and performance reach impeccable peaks, that cinematic core appearing to call out for a visual accompaniment – or at the very least prompting an effective level of escapism and imaginative involvement for the listener.

Not merely a powerful composition and recording, but a uniquely structured, interesting release, which effectively highlights the best of both Suraaj Parab and Sandeep Kulkarni’s abilities as creative composers and performers. So Far Away makes clear the strength of collaboration, and offers a professionally crafted, emotionally loaded neo-classical experience, which speaks volumes on behalf of its underlying concept.

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