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Supremee Jayy GRIND / NO LIE


Freshly released from the five-track EP BLACK SHEEP, Supremee Jayy unites heavy bass and haunting keys throughout the mellow hit of personality that is GRIND / NO LIE.

Loaded with character from the first few bars, the track soon weaves in dashes of melody and flow dynamics, for a subtle sense of structural progression.

As that piano riff kicks back in the vocal intensifies, the pace increases, and this shift naturally elevates the energy of the whole piece.

Standing tall on the strength of that vocal tone and unmistakable identity, GRIND / NO LIE proves unavoidably catchy – an unexpectedly creative hip hop track, with a latter half that veers off towards dance and RnB to take that unpredictable dynamic further still. Two songs in one but both riding on the back of that distorted and up-front bass line and plenty of space.

Vocally faultless, interesting and smooth, somehow both quirky yet effective in the way that memorable pop and rap tracks have to be, the single draws focus to the creatively free style of Supremee Jayy in a manner that quickly prompts interest in the rest of the project.

As it happens, the whole EP blends genres and skilfully walks the lines between comedy, carefree references, and the more emotive, serious side of reflective songwriting. Each track has its own sense of flair and colour, and that works consistently in favour of Jayy’s appeal as a rising artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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