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Sun Broken Heart


Straight to the top of the playlist for a late-night dance vibe with heavy bass rhythms and dreamlike, soulful, oriental delicacy united – Broken Heart kicks in with every drop of escapism required to drown out the weight of the world.

Structurally brilliant for its juxtaposed intensity and melodic, tribal moments, the new single from Sun lays bare a thoughtful, captivating way with contemporary production and sound-design.

At its core, the release offers the pounding rhythm and enveloping repetitions of any great electronic dance track. Surrounding this though, are multiple layers of further appeal and intention – vocal melodies, synths, lighter beats, a profound sense of rising anticipation and a stunning drop back into power and movement. Even the visualiser locks in with the changing stages, evolving from calm to chaos over and over again.

Superb, a refreshingly creative take on progressive electronic music, with a world-inspired twist that keeps things recognisable and emotively engaging.

Download or stream Broken Heart here. Check out Joy Group on IG for more music.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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