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Sumo Candy Mike Ty


Anthemic from the outset for its catchy riff-work and equally hypnotic vocal rhythms, Sumo Candy keep things creative and fun throughout their latest release Mike Ty.

From quirky hooks and production of a similarly characterful nature, through a series of bars showcasing increased intensity and faster-paced outpourings, Mike Ty furthers the Sumo Candy reach after the success of their previous singles. LASERBOY in particular saw the band’s audience expand significantly, thanks again to those addictive pop qualities, the contemporary production, and the memorable, energetic vocal traits.

With the new release, there’s familiarity in the tempo and overall colour and carefree style of the track, but ultimately a fresh moment has been captured with the topical wordplay and indeed the minimalist yet effective musicality.

Coming in at barely past the two-minute mark, Mike Ty pays tribute to the legendary name and introduces Sumo Candy in a brief yet striking way.

That anthem-like aspect offers a fairly timeless aura, tipping its hat to the pop-hip-hop outliers of music’s past, whilst injecting a clear level of originality and, as stated, a simple love for the process and performance.

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