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Fearlessly revealing writing meets with a musical eclecticism rooted in purposeful expression – artist and songwriter SUMA blends genres impressively, throughout the deeply moving SOBER.

Leading with the subtle cinematic build-up of an immersive, dance-kissed production realm, SOBER proceeds to weave in a contemporary emo-rap verse of relentlessly personal outpourings, before raising the bar further still with a nostalgically crisp rap redirection for the latter half.

Consistently shifting gears and proving artistically unpredictable, SOBER reflects the sentiments of its writing in a beautifully hypnotic manner. There’s chaos and unity combined throughout this three-minute twenty-three second journey, and all the while the SUMA voice speaks out in both musical identity and lyric, to connect on a notably human level.

Utilising contrast to a bold degree, the opening lo-fi ambiance of SOBER lulls the audience into a perhaps false sense of calm – as does the subsequent, distant and reverb-kissed vocal, mellow and catchy in melody yet ultimately heartbreaking and quite harrowing in topic.

Soon enough, the mid-way point brings the intensity of faster raps, and the poetic fusing of metaphorical contemplations and gritty, painful reflections on the self.

After this moment, the true weight and pace of the track kicks in – a late night groove devoted to the cause, leaving the voice behind – one that has poured its every ounce of soulful honesty into the mix, for the listener to ultimately muse upon as the soundscape overtakes.

An admittedly fascinating and increasingly addictive style and hit of escapism. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes SUMA in the coming months.

Single out April 20th. Check out SUMA on YouTube, TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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