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Street Corner Messiahs Tales From The Tenderloin


Street Corner Messiahs release a short yet striking EP with depth and intention at its core.

Beautiful blues guitar kicks things off, an acoustic and intimate King George – a gorgeous fusion of two string parts, balancing blues and classical freestyle in a traditionally folk-like manner.

On top of this we get the vocal rasp and soul – a country voice with a captivating story to tell. Brilliant melodic progressions take you through moments of brightness and subtle melancholy alike.

Listening to this as the backdrop to your day is a joy in itself – as close to live music as many can get right now. Listening in depth to the lyrics though is a whole other experience. Stunningly crafted and performed. Well worth paying attention to.

Fly Robin Fly takes a more softly finger-picked, purely folk pathway, feeling a little Paul Simon-like on occasion, though still with the subtle Johnny Cash-esque vocal depth and character. There’s a comforting, nostalgic familiarity to this one, and the poetic imagery helps really further that natural warmth.

Then finally, adopting a notably tense and emotive, historically heavy aura, The Battle kicks in with an Irish folk charm and integrity that’s impossible to ignore.

In recent years there have been only a handful of artists who’ve written in this sort of dramatic, passionate acoustic fashion – Laura Marling’s Devil’s Spoke came to mind at one point, as did Seth Lakeman’s Kitty Jay. For the most part, it’s a style of music reserved for powerful and important storytelling.

In this case, the band don’t take things too far into darkness presentation-wise, but the rising intensity of the performance as the lyrical details gather momentum is striking to witness. A fantastic delivery, and a further testament to a truly talented, devoted and versatile band.

Find out more via the Street Corner Messiahs Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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