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Strange Things In That Light Of Fading Day


Brilliantly atmospheric, arena-ready rock employs a mighty contrast between the weight of live bass and drums, and the lighter, dreamy tones of a beachside or shoegaze vocal thread.

Strange Things kick off their new album with the sublime Estate Of Mind, and refuse to lower the bar from here on in.

Best experienced at volume, the fast-paced yet nostalgic project In That Light Of Fading Day delivers not only the organic musical escapism rock fans crave, but also the conceptually provocative depths that naturally get the mind wandering.

From Bully things intensify all the more so, the pace and distortion reaching fierce new peaks, and onwards into Trouble With Boys the listener remains enveloped in this soaring rock jam of equal parts power and vocal delicacy. The instrumentally explosive outro of the latter proves a huge moment within the collection.

After this, the more hypnotic, psychedelic tones of Witness To The Apathy Gospel / Approaching Mindfulness, as well as its underlying topic, hits with a notably memorable, intriguing impact.

A fascinating project, addictively loud and the sort of thing that pours through to help alleviate the noise within oneself, In That Light Of Fading Day also gifts a sense of lyrical and artistic purpose – the likes of which you can connect with a little more closely each and every time you return to press play.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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