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Strange Legend Can’t Breathe


Retro psychedelic visuals meet with a surprisingly heavy fusion of fuzzy guitars, bass and absolute pace for this classic rock and roll explosion that is Can’t Breathe.

What begins as mildly familiar, soon evolves into musically impressive, immersive rock realms, and tops off this process with a superb vocal lead that tips its hat back to the glam rock legends of a simpler time.

Weave in a conceptually provocative, poetic and thoughtful set of lyrics, and Can’t Breathe connects on a plethora of levels.

Brilliant guitar work, strong musicianship in general from a band clearly united in their passion and skill within the moment. The leading vocals are stunning, the singer pouring every ounce of required emotion and presence into the delivery, in order to give these lyrics weight and to meet the unwavering power of the music surrounding them.

Coming in at a meandering and mighty four minutes thirty, Can’t Breathe hits with impact, drawing comparisons with yesteryear but more notably crafting its own organically expressive and intense aura. There’s a hard rock vibe to things that seems to blend the likes of Audioslave with the more performative, theatrical bands of an earlier time. Ultimately, Strange Legend pave their own way. Well worth a listen at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

2 responses to “Strange Legend – Can’t Breathe

  1. Hi Rebecca Cullen, We hope you’re doing good in this difficult time. We are the guys from Strange Legend! We just wanted to say thank you for the review. It was way more than expected. You put us over the top, what can we say for an independent artist like us, its really cool. It almost feels like a rush of accolades!! We can tell you have good taste and good instincts, no matter what the trend is. That’s why you feel genuine. So thank you again, keep up the good work, and let’s keep on rocking cheers!

    -Strange Legend

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