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StoneFly All Yours (Feat. Isaac Saierre)


Creative production and uniquely soulful, meandering vocals emerge drenched in reverb and intimacy, as StoneFly and Isaac Saierre join forces for the retro yet fresh RnB hit All Yours.

Featuring nostalgic sound-design of classic synths and long-form RnB vocals to match, the single introduces itself as something of a free-flowing, almost freestyle, jazz-kissed expression of longing and oneness. Soon enough, the layers multiply to elevate the voice, and the voice itself reaches passionate moments of falsetto and volume alike.

As things progress, the very structure of the track works its magic – the songwriting stands tall even amidst the freestyle-esque nature of the verses. In short, the song’s hook is subtle yet mighty – an earworm that consistently lures you in.

StoneFly’s production reinforcing this is huge, the tumble of those live drums, the raw jazz vibe and that live aspect creating a quickly hypnotic space that feels authentic and enchanting all at once.

Global collaboration for the win yet again, StoneFly works out of Sweden whilst Isaac is here in the UK, and the completed sound appears as genuinely fit to contend with the very best new pop and RnB releases across the board.

Not the first time the two artists have worked together, 2021’s Easy to Love kept things all the more romantic – a mellow outpouring of piano and voice, united in the optimism and loving sentiments of the writing and overall vibe.

In terms of StoneFly’s style as a stand-alone creative, singles like Come On Back quickly underline absolute skill and versatility. Something of an electro-swing hit of addictive loops, the track fuses vocal and rhythmic peaks across an again nostalgic, cinematic and inescapably catchy arena of intention.

Always the central mood of the music is key, and the talent and professionalism with which this is captured is unquestionable. Undoubtedly a name worth knowing about this summer and beyond.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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