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Stone Thieves Little Charmer & Midnight Ride


Stone Thieves are due to release two brand new singles in the very near future, the 18th of March to be precise, both of which we have managed to sneak an early listen to. Both of which are sounding fantastic. Here’s the lowdown.

Little Charmer is a brilliant rock song with a very classic and nostalgic feel to it. What’s particularly wonderful about this one is the guitar riffs, the solo parts when the vocal melody falls away for a while, and also, right from the beginning – the harmonica – so simple, yet so effective and captivating. Everything about this song screams great music; everything has it’s place, and takes full advantage of the opportunity to shine. Just twenty seconds into it and you want to be witnessing the band performing live. I feel a little like I’m missing out on something by just listening at home.

The chorus is great, the harmonies add a beautiful amount of power to the anthemic and classic rock feel of the whole thing. The storytelling is superb, as are some of the rhymes – a really nice array of clever wordplay and unexpected lyrical expression. It’s a great lead vocal as well, a really strong sounding voice with a confident and raw edge to it. On the whole, this one’s a track you can turn up loud and get lost in – jump around until the weekend hits, or catch a last grasp of the holidays by dancing the night away. Really good vibes throughout.

Midnight Ride is equally joyful and beautifully rock. Once again, perhaps even more so this time, those riffs are phenomenal – all encompassing and far surpassing much of the rest of whatever the rock world is up to. This feels like where it’s at. The music is a little quieter at the start of this track, so you really get soaked up by the guitars – the distorted rhythm guitar and that smooth sounding solo part work so well together, which I feel is quite rare – often there is a bit of a clash when musicians try to add two very similar parts to a track. But that’s just not the case here, quite the contrary in fact – it’s awesome, plus the vocal really takes the front seat in this one, so you can hear every great quality, every crackle of realness, every ounce of emotion and talent.

It’s a beautiful song, not in the acoustically plucked and gently performed kind of way, but in the straight up power and art of it. Yet another one that makes me feel like sitting at home is not quite the place to be.

Stone Thieves are a country infused rock and roll band based in the UK’s very own London. There’s that all important word, the one that separates this from much of the UK’s rock and indie bands. This is indeed, categorically, rock and roll. It’s brilliant, an absolute pleasure to discover and listen to. A live show is a must. Follow them on Facebook, TwitterYoutube. Be a part of their world, let them be a part of yours, and don’t miss that release date – 18th of March. Superb music.

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