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Still Striving Fire / Lucid Dream


Boldly passionate lyrics and vocals prove delicate yet expressive amidst rising rock-kissed soundscapes, throughout a series of originals from artist and songwriter Still Striving.

The artist name implies appropriately the depths and contemplation of the writing, and the single Fire marks a fine introduction to this tomorrow-orientated manner of creativity.

‘Life please have your way with me’ resounds in a memorable, deeply human fashion, before more vaguely poetic references unite with the music to build up and envelop the listener brilliantly.

Stylishly and openly exploring this pathway all the more so is the aptly-titled Lucid Dream. Soon we realise there’s no single genre or style that can pigeon-hole the sound of Still Striving.

Trap rhythms and dreamy synths draw powerful focus towards the intimate and crisp vocal presentation, as the very topic of lucid dreaming is delved into artistically and personally to a captivating degree.

The Birth Of A Shepherd keeps that recognisable voice and revealing writing at the forefront, though now we return to the organic riffs and a heavy drum-line for a brilliantly cinematic rock ambiance that intensifies breathy, nearly whispered vocals as the weight and passion grow.

Long-form lyrics feel like a diary outpouring, and meanwhile we’re swept away on the relentless energy of it all – feeling the tiredness and longing of the protagonist as he fearlessly commits to the moment.

Beautifully crafted, genuinely original yet familiar enough in instrumental stylings and production to connect with a broader audience.

One final single worth a listen is the creatively uninhibited, nostalgic dance sound-play and creative immersion Pioneer. Still Striving draws attention to a completely new side of his artistry, with a spoken-word lead and stunningly unique production for a truly engaging, compelling listen.

An easy personal favourite for how far it takes the original, uninhibited aspect of the creative process, and for still weaving in an emotive melody just when you think you know what kind of track you’re experiencing.

Unpredictable yet satisfying, thought provoking, hypnotic and blissfully mighty as a form of contemporary escapism. Pioneer does, in fact, elevate the entire catalogue of Still Striving, and gives the previous singles a new sense of presence in hindsight.

Brilliant. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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