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Stevski7 Rat Race


Introducing a subtle switch of gears for rock all-rounder Stevski7, Rat Race adopts a yesteryear punk-rock vibe, with thick distortion and anthemic verses that pave the way towards a colourful pop-punk hook.

Conceptually as relevant as ever yet musically nostalgic in every way, Stevski7 strikes a fine balance with Rat Race. Effectively bridging the gap between eras or generations, the song unites us amidst our shared need for and simultaneous aversion to the Rat Race of modern life.

Featuring passionate vocals and a rise and fall verse dynamic, the single feels authentically Stevski7 yet also translates more so as the anthem for rock fans looking to escape. It’s a song for the fans, by all accounts, and it operates as such – utilising raw drums and seductive guitar solos alongside simple, striking vocal movements, for a release that quickly gets caught in the mind.

One of a plethora of impressive singles to emerge of late, Rat Race further secures Stevski7’s role within the scene – the live aspect in particular is of great appeal, thanks to that high-energy and faultless connection to both the subject matter and the audience. There’s actually a certain nonchalance to the vocal delivery, which seems all the more genuine considering the laid-back, carefree nature of those who tend to avoid the so called Rat Race.

Recognisable yet creative, Stevski7 brings the whole package in terms of timeless rock songwriting, soaring musicianship, and a clear sense of identity. Rat Race sees the genre veer off slightly from the norm, but still the sound is rooted amidst that of the artist – a rare and commendable trait. I look forward to hearing what else the year brings out.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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