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Stevski17 Born Insane


The soulful rasp of Stevski17 returns for this grunge-kissed, melodically alluring new single.

Stylish and fairly slick for its rock and roll riffs and the rise and fall of this blues-rock and Americana central tune, Born Insane has the makings of yet another anthem from Stevski17. Songwriting has always been a strength, regardless of the direction or genre choices throughout each release, and for Born Insane that stands out all the more so.

Featuring a humble yet effective guitar solo, as well as worthy structuring from one section to the next, Born Insane celebrates the uniqueness of the self, emerging complete with an idiosyncratic collection of artistic images. The whole thing promising a driving rock classic that’s ideal for late-night escapism as well as for the long commute or start of the weekend’s antics.

Stevski17 consistently brings the authenticity of rock in everything from live guitars and drums to natural vocal character, gritty riffs and poetic resolves. Born Insane may sound nostalgic by nature, comfortingly familiar, but with each revisit these reflective lyrical images and ideas resound all the more loudly.

Given that the song was inspired by a desire to explore the struggles between conformity and individuality, this resulting presentation makes for perfectly effective artistry.

Single out June 3rd – grab it here or find lyrics via this blog. Find Stevski17 on Instagram, Twitter & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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