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Stevie B Old School


New Delhi rapper Stevie B takes things back to the bare essentials with a cleanly mixed, mellow rap anthem aptly titled Old School.

Featuring a likeable guitar line and organic drum for minimal yet original production, Old School introduces a nostalgic, classic flow from Stevie B, and a story equally rooted in the genre’s origins and inspirations.

Emerging complete with a performative video shot in various natural locations, the release has an enthralling undertone in both purpose and aura.

Increasingly enjoyable, the track showcases a faster pace, harder-hitting word-play and a stronger presence as it evolves – the latter half captivates as Stevie B finds his groove and delves in with lyrical reflections and motivational elements united.

Always resolving back to a classic rap hook for that anthemic feel, Old School offers a select few details that make it effectively recognisable, and a strong yesteryear vibe that’s rightfully easy to get into.

It will be interesting to hear where else Stevie B takes things with his upcoming releases.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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