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Steve Lieberman, The Gangsta Rabbi My Whiz-Kaleefah


Freshly released from the immense 76hour+ project Post-Militia Pogo-Battalion (#39/77), My Whiz-Kaleefah makes for a fitting introduction to the unrivaled creativity and chaos of Steve Lieberman’s sound, and for those new to his work, will most likely prove entirely unlike anything its title implies.

Featuring multiple layers of organic and distorted rhythms and melodies, manically intertwined across a near-five-minute soundscape, My Whiz-Kaleefah follows a canned-vocal effect of spoken-word, seemingly freestyle lyrical expressions, and appears to blend aspects of raw punk rock with Celtic flavours and dissonance throughout its relentless journey.

While there is so much happening at once, there are also notable threads that give the track an immediately recognisable core. The voice is one, however distant it maintains its character, and the meandering bagpipe-vibe and gabber-esque crash of the drums are each another.

All in all, Steve Lieberman, The Gangtsa Rabbi and The King Of Jewish Punk, crafts from a place of fearless curiosity, and the sound here delves into that wholeheartedly. The 76.5 hour project from which this came reportedly has a Guinness World Record Pending, and unapologetically continues to reinforce the artist’s commitment to the cause.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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