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Steve Dream Der Verlorene Schatz


From the creative who brought us Denkmensch, an ever-evolving realm of finely produced electronic soundscapes and odes to the legendary music of yesteryear, Steve Dream redirects audiences towards the organic, melodic roots that first inspired him.

Translating as The Lost Treasure, this new and brief composition captures a live piano performance complete with every pause and emotional inflection of the real-time delivery.

The recording style is humble, authentic in its unplugged nature, and as such, it’s instantly the melody, the space and the rise and fall from melancholy to optimism that captivates.

Stripping things back to the bare essentials draws focus to a whole other side of the seemingly limitless creative reach of Steve Dream. Seeking inspiration amidst the likes of Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky, even more recently Rachmaninoff, Steve’s connection to classical instrumentation and the complexities that lie within that has evolved exponentially.

There’s humility in Cmin Piano, Der verlorene Schatz, without a doubt, and this adds to the evocative effect – an artistic overall, an intention and story; a journey or imaginative world unique yet firmly connected to its underlying purpose.

The track emerges as part of a new playlist entitled Der Heros in tausend Gestalten (The hero in a thousand forms). This is where we see the true breadth of Steve’s knowledge of and appreciation for the classical greats.

We begin with Inspiration from Nahre Sol, hauntingly delicate with hints of strings and a sort of joyful yet uncertain quickness in between longer drawn-out musings. This subtle circus energy presents further within Adagio mit rhythmischer Intensität, bringing through percussive elements and a forever rising sense of anticipation and drama.

Upbeat positivity continues throughout tracks three and four – versatile extensions on the former title idea, before we shift into the more drawn-out tones and cinematic vastness of Torwächter – and the subsequently multi-layered pace and presence of Der Weg der Prüfungen.

After this, humble simplicity and mild sadness allows Fmin Largo Piano to calm the room, before our leading single Der verlorene Schatz wraps up an ultimately eclectic and deeply-moving playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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