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Steve Cash It’s On


Classic vibes emerge from the outset as Steve Cash blends nostalgic hip hop with soulful RnB flavors, heavy bass, and raw conceptual honesty.

Kicking into gear with an electric guitar-kissed soundscape and an instantly emotive yet catchy hook, It’s On makes light work of quickly redirecting any assumptions or expectations, delivering a clear sense of purpose and heart straight away, and proceeding to further this with bars that delve all the more so into the story and self-belief within it.

Combining cleanly-mixed vocals with equal parts melody and grit, It’s On stands tall as the inspiring, motivational anthem its title implies, but there’s also a little struggle and honesty involved in that journey. Vulnerability and confidence unite, for a refreshingly authentic look at what it takes to build something of worth.

Also featuring verses from 2 Hunnit and T. Nikkel, the dynamic of It’s On holds attention well, and at just two minutes forty the whole thing hits with impact and will most probably leave the genuine hip hop fan wanting more.

As a result, you head back to listen through once again, and by that point the track sets its melody and rhythmic embrace in stone – you’re not forgetting the sound any time soon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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