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Stephon Foster Drown


Freshly released from the creatively-free realm of Stephon Foster, Drown adopts a boldly atmospheric approach, in order to lay out a dreamy, purposeful mood, as our protagonist and songwriter delves into the topic of heartbreak and loss.

Openly devoted to Stephon’s sister, Karma Kazzi, Drown features multiple layers of ambient effects, voices and synths. A fitting sense of being submerged underwater ensues, as various passionate and delicate vocals alike weave a web of deeply-human sentiments and emotions. The aim is to create a sense of drowning, but to ultimately help pull the listener away from that sensation, to believe again that they are indeed safe, capable, and able to move ahead with strength.

Lyrically reflecting on a specific phone call between the two, the lyrics of Drown focus on the pain, uncertainty and expectations of life in the face of death and separation. The song is perhaps the most enchanting and artistically-rooted from Stephon yet, and while there are still aspects of RnB and classic pop to the delivery and writing, the overall presentation leans much more notably towards creative cinematic production.

Look out for the accompanying album The Emotional Rollercoaster to follow.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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