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Stephh V Player


Keeping things consistently fresh on the hip hop front, Sydney’s Stephh V blends a jazz-kissed soundscape with a mellow vocal that tips its hat to the legends of yesteryear; whilst lyrically delving into a personal and contemporary outpouring. Player is the brand new single, crafted with a strong groove that offers late-night escapism and a sense of confidence and calm intertwined.

Subtly inspiring in its level of possibility and its definition of success, Player meanders through a post-three-minute lifespan with increasing appeal as the passion slowly but surely increases and connects.

The lyrics and the voice united seem to reach more emotive peaks during the latter half, Stephh V exploring her own perspective a little more openly, which in turn bridges the gap and lets the fans get a little closer to the artist.

Always an act who takes the path less travelled in rap music, Stephh V keeps things interesting and musically satisfying all at once. Player is a smooth and sultry addition to the catalogue, and makes for a timeless go-to when only the most laid-back yet intentional hip hop will work.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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