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Stephh V Lover


Blissful jazz vibes create a classic and spacious hip hop arena, within which the ever-genuine and poetic Stephh V details heartbreak and fallout from the past year.

A deeply intimate single, leading with impressive verses that connect for their humanity and the authentically original nature of the bars combined, Lover bridges the gap between artist and audience – at the same time as addressing love lost on a more personal level. This balance works beautifully, and the timeless, simple nature of the musicality suits the upfront realness of the topic with faultless relevance.

An easy hip hop alternative to love, rooted amidst the greats for its upfront clarity and strong, seductive groove, recognisable in tone and addressing of the topic in the way that only Stephh V’s music tends to be. The details prove revealing and lay bare vulnerabilities in a relatable way, so it’s a new take on breaking up, but it also relays the weight of the issue with broadly accessible strokes.

Well worth connecting with for classic hip hop fans, contemporary pop lovers, and indeed anyone who has felt the ache of separation.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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