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Stephen Dusenberry Fool’s Gold


Stephen Dusenberry takes listeners through a multilayered, retro-funk arena of optimism on this release Fools Gold. The track offers the fullness of a live jazz and funk band, along with a notably electronic aura that fuses with that raw musicality in an energizing way.

Where many instrumental compositions follow a progressive and somewhat experimental story-line, there are definite threads of familiarity throughout this piece – moments of melody and flickers of character, all of which help it feel like a recognisable song in many ways. It’s an unusual quality but one that helps present a level of identity that will likely allow listeners to connect the music to the artist in an instant after hearing it even just once.

At the same time, that progression does still take place – this is far from your simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus set-up. There are stages to the track, moments of change and evolution. All the while though, the energy remains at a constant high, the major chords and the riffs keep hopefulness and brightness at the forefront of the experience. There’s just the added benefit of dynamic and movement to help hold tight to your interest right the way through.

Even with its nostalgic properties, there’s something currently quite refreshing about this type of track – Dusenberry is creating from a sheer love for the art-form, and there’s plenty to appreciate about that.



Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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