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Stephen Babcock Fight I Need


Stephen Babcock’s brand new single is an easy hit that ticks a whole lot of different boxes. Pouring through with the simple rhythm of an MGMT piece but the vocal swagger and clarity of a blues-rock classic, Fight I Need goes on to become conceptually accessible yet presented in a refreshing and somewhat quirky manner.

The song’s hook reinforces and resolves everything offered or hinted at during the verses – the music builds up, the vocals double, the lines are short and snappy. This moment gives the release a defiantly pop or anthem-like aura, making it far more memorable than the average alternative pop-rock single, and effectively providing the final highlight amidst a quickly likable, engaging and organic bit of writing and musicality.

Fight I Need kicks into gear quickly and immerses listeners in this authentic soft-rock groove that’s guided by Babcock’s own soulful and raspy leading voice. The song is more than enjoyable enough as it is during these early stages, but that drop to the hook sees things move to a whole new level of uplifting.

A strong introduction to an artist with a clear skill for songwriting, a simple yet effective musical approach, and most likely an impressive live show to check out as and when the opportunity arises. Precisely the kind of hit summer 2019 needs.

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