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Stephanie Schulte Ebb and Flo


Stephanie Schulte’s brand new single Ebb and Flo has the leading melody and smoothness of any memorable, end of summer anthem. As far as well crafted and professionally polished pop songs go, this one is up where it needs to be.

The music opens up in a fairly mellow, trip-hop inspired manner. The prominent synth or string riff featured throughout is striking enough to give the track that signature sound; that stamp of character, that thing you recognise it by. The artist’s leading vocal performance on top of this showcases the style and ability of any great vocal, it also comes with a certain tone and smoothness that adds to the down-tempo, easy going vibes given out by the soundscape on the whole. As things progress, the tripped-up, slightly industrial nature of the beat adds a further variation, a new dynamic, and the piano part that comes into play is yet another simple but effective addition to the mix.

What’s interesting about the songwriting is that the chorus or hook has far more of a mellow ambiance than the surrounding sections. The song begins with the hook, this low end melody that almost whispers the key line and concept to you. Then as things move along, the singer’s vocal range far exceeds expectations; the verses burst into life with a much higher set of notes and a notably passionate performance delivering the remainder of the ideas. The song is lyrically quite minimalist, but the repetition works well – the words and the music move out and around you; not unlike the tide, the movement of the world, the way that life provides ups and downs in equal supply. The concept is represented beautifully, and it comes through in a fairly uplifting, motivational way.

Ebb and Flo was produced by Karl Sjoholm, aka Xeleven – visit his Website if you’d like to work with him or for more information. The single is available as of Friday, 18th August. Stream Stephanie’s music on Spotify. Find & follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram. Visit her Website for further details.

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