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Stellar DareDevil


Kicking in with an immediately infectious rhythm and melodic call and response, Stellar’s latest single proves a timeless dance-pop classic with its gritty take on fast-paced love in the modern world.

Following the immense success of Ashes, a viral TikTok upload from the year of the pandemic – boasting 1.7million views and counting – DareDevil further secures the Stellar role within contemporary music and quickly injects its memorable hook into the scene.

With influences ranging from the late Juice WRLD to Maroon 5, Stellar’s musicality is aptly as versatile as any artistically free musician, and the topic and style of each track speaks volumes on behalf of this.

Featuring unmistakable vocals with that rasp and laid-back Stellar sound, with a structure that lets each melodic progression prove catchy in its own anthem-like way, DareDevil raises the pulse and lights up the room all at once.

Strong production, simple layers of distorted synth and a classic beat, vocally clean yet reverb-kissed for a sense of vastness and dreamy immersion – DareDevil is a pop hit waiting to run through your mind; and to fill the dance floor at the very same time.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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