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STARTZ AND ENDZ Building Today


Slick riffs balance funky melodic twists with sheer distorted power chords, as the indie force that is STARTZ AND ENDZ deliver their most iconic release to date.

Built around these twisting and intense but snappy guitars, with a boldly passionate vocal lead unconfined by effects, Building Today is not only stylistically sharp and seductive by nature, but it promises a conceptual depth that’s equally enchanting as things build.

The vocal initially feels almost RnB-like as it starts to rise, then quickly becomes much more of a raw and emotive rock lead, and later explodes into new life once more; as we switch rhythm and pace entirely for a sensational middle-8.

Structurally phenomenal, there’s a lot to love about Building Today, the underlying idea is about shifting ideas and behaviours in order to build a different world for ourselves. Alongside this, however, is a brilliantly addictive groove and anthem, the final quarter of which is distinctly soulful and near-euphoric as it raises the pace further still; an intoxicating and boldly uplifting crescendo, with that smooth resolve once more into the nostalgic alt-rock sound of STARTZ AND ENDZ. This fusion of purpose and presence lets the ideas sink in all the more deeply, and that’s how music works its magic.

Presenting hints of influence form the likes of Incubus, The Chilli Peppers and even Jamiroquai, STARTZ AND ENDZ guide fans with their songwriting and creative freedom above all else, and the result is independent and timeless gems like Building Today. An easy favourite for the summer months that lie ahead.

Listen to STARTZ AND ENDZ. Find Startz and Endz on Facebook, Instagram & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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