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Starla Starshine ONLY LOVE


Following on from 2018’s superbly unique project Red Lagoon, LA’s Starla Starshine emerges with the single Only Love – a song that actively tackles a variety of prejudices and inequalities within our society.

Far from exclusive to only one topic or group, ONLY LOVE promotes unity and equality between any and all humans. From feelings of isolation or loneliness due to mental health issues, to suicide prevention and gay and trans rights, the single openly declares its support of those often left to deal with things alone.

Throughout it’s barely post-three-minute lifespan, Only Love utilizes retro synths and distorted, fuzz-soaked layers that pair well with the relentless pace of the beat. In contrast to this, the leading vocal adds a higher-toned melody and a surprisingly clean-cut (for the most part) touch of humanity, which gives the song an undeniable intention and purpose.

Never one to hold back lyrically, Starla Starshine lays out the meaning of Only Love in a detailed, all-inclusive fashion throughout this vocally dense new track. Outside of this, the soundscape effectively evolves in a manner that reflects the underlying statements and intentions. The verses have a little less weight to them, keeping your focus on the words, and the hook works hard to create a moment of higher energy and confidence – seeing things go from pop to EDM more boldly for the resolve of the concept.

In the end, the melody and rhythm of lines like Who are we to discriminate? stand out above all else, and the instrumental leaves its rising riff lingering in the space afterwards.

Well-structured, quirky and fun, yet with a depth and passion that’s increasingly poignant and relevant within our world.

Download the single via Bandcamp. Visit Starla Starshine’s Website for more music & info.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

One response to “Starla Starshine – ONLY LOVE

  1. Great Review.!
    I am so proud of Starla’s lyrics and melodies.
    You are an amazing writer. Your music is timeless.
    Continue reminding us to care for each other. Never give up your dreams
    Love you forever.
    Your best friend

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