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Standing By… Rock That


Gritty vocals, rhythmically on point and versatile in flow, deliver a series of sharp, smart and addictively clever bars, throughout the nostalgic yet refreshing hip hop anthem Rock That.

Showcasing the absolute best of Standing By…, Rock That follows a simple, almost retro-style beat and musicality, melodic in detail and movement, and proceeds to weave a web of multiple rounds for a bold and conceptually enthralling progression, which holds attention til the end.

Maintaining a strong degree of dynamic in the switch between vocals and the clear identity in every case, the track injects multiple hooks, lines that beg for you to re-listen, and underlines faultlessly fast-paced performances intermittently with slightly more mellow reflections. The result is motivational hit of energy, presenting an unforgettable reminder of what’s possible within hip hop and rap when talent, devotion and confidence meet the high bar set by a winning idea.

Naturally luring you in for more than a single listen, the relentless outpouring of Rock That aptly manifests its own reality with the utter presence and precision of the bars and deliveries.

Potentially a timeless rap moment, at the very least one of the most captivating and impressive releases the genre has seen this side of 2022. Expect big things from Standing By… if work ethic follows closely along with skill.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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