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Stan Sitwell Kumbaya Party


Fresh from the EP V, Kumbaya Party is a chaotic and colourful injection of energy, featuring fast fingers and retro electronic sound-play as it progresses through a plethora of different sections and moments.

From the opening few bars, a finger-style guitar arrangement quickly sets the mood, appearing suggestive of a captivating live performance. Soon enough, a programmed drum-line strikes with lashings of hi-hat, and effectively lights up that chaotic, unpredictable aspect of the instrumental.

As things move along, various other drum patterns and sounds come into play, almost as if the entire composition is a live solo jam through various audio options and moments. Enter keys, alternative rhythm hits, and multiple layers of intention.

Underneath all of this though, Kumbaya Party does stick to a few distinct melodies and progressions. By the end of the five-minute-thirty experience, you know the rise and fall of the tune, and you’ve been overwhelmed by equal parts quiet and volume – calmness and mania.

There are hints of melancholy woven in, but for the most part there’s an energetic, uplifting sense of movement and togetherness about the whole thing. It’s an interesting set-up, for sure, and a fine indication of the kind of creative freedom that runs throughout Sitwell’s music.

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