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Stan Sitwell II


Creative producer and DJ Stan Sitwell drives with a unique fusion of retro tones and contemporary rhythms throughout his notably artistic and impressively vast collection of originals. The project II makes for a strong starting point if you’re new to his work.

Kicking into gear with some briefly retro synth-play and an expressive, lightly industrial beat, Another World introduces Sitwell as one thing, then progresses to reveal him as several others. For example, when this funk-kissed, retro-gamer-like section comes to an end, we get a minimalist, euphoric moment of piano-led calm and optimism. The contrast is fascinating, then when the two parts unite for the drop, it all quite suddenly makes unexpected yet satisfying sense.

This clever use of space and equal amounts of organic and electronic production detail turns out to be a common characteristic of Sitwell’s work. Creatively though, no two tracks are the same, and II in full delivers a brilliantly unpredictable yet engaging, immersive playlist of original soundscapes.

Already as New York Eve starts up, we’re thrown into this dark, cinematic groove, loaded with hard-to-detect intricacies and samples – all of which speak volumes on the uninhibited artistry and passion that goes into Sitwell’s sound. Later on we even get fragments of soul, vocals, heavy bass-lines, and some infectious, folk-pop style hooks and riffs.

Blending calming melodies with energizing rhythms and uniquely ambient, hypnotic layers of sound-play, II is a refreshing listen – an easy must for instrumental and trip-hop fans alike.

Check out more music via Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Find & follow Stan Sitwell on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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