St. Geo - STEAM - Stereo Stickman



Balancing a classic passion for the genre of hip hop, with a certain creative edge that effectively adds something fresh to the process, plus a string of lyrics that bring together personal insight with poetic observation and scene-setting, St. Geo’s latest project STEAM paves its own way entirely.

Making sure to utilize space and creativity alike, the EP kicks into gear with a title track that’s quickly interesting. Featuring smart rhymes, simple references and more complex thoughts alike, the project introduces a rapper with a broad range of influences and a deeply thoughtful writing style.

In the case of this opening track, the hook adds a touch of electronic rock to the mood, and elsewhere hints of distorted jazz help build a cinematic vibe that suits these unpredictable, mildly theatrical lyrics and vocal deliveries really well.

The rest of the project continues to break down barriers between genres, and refuses to succumb to expectation. Unconfined and unafraid, STEAM is a fascinating new release that’s easily worth a listen in full.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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