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Spoonuel Orangeade


Spoonuel lays out a brilliantly dreamlike set of vibes on this latest release. The project Orange-ade is incredibly smooth, delicate in nature but cool and intentional from an artistic perspective. The opening moments of SHLEEP bring through almost half of the whole song in a manner that feels like indie-pop alongside of classic jazz-cafe; yet with an air of experimental and, as suggested, dreamlike energy.

Then you get an unexpected hip hop verse, which works brilliantly in adding eclecticism, dynamic, and keeping you interested. Even though it felt as if everything was fine before, this moment is crucial; as is the sax solo that pours through later on.

The entire set up of this song is superb, stunning even – progressively creative and moving from gentle and fascinating to absolutely passionate and captivating by the end. A magical way to kick off the project, and a great introduction to Spoonuel and this clearly creative, musically minded and free approach to songwriting.

TELL ME follows the opener and categorically seals the deal regarding Spoonuel as unwaveringly creative and unique. Funk and jazz unite amidst a classic sort of nineties vocal that emerges as partly RnB inspired, and partly almost punk-pop-like in how quickly the lines pour through. This long-form melodic development suits the depth of the song really well.

Another finely crafted soundscape sets the mood perfectly as the vocal invites the other party to tell me all your problems – to connect, to reflect, to build something real. Once again, the latter half redirects things and kicks in with a rap vocal with flair, character – unique again by nature and perfectly in keeping with the track’s underlying sentiments. This song is an absolute anthem, alternative enough to appeal in the way that Drinking in LA once did, yet familiar enough stylistically to let it easily reach out to a wider audience.

THAT GAZE brings the short collection to a smooth and mellow finish. Another conceptually thoughtful bit of writing emerges by means of a pair of harmonized vocals – seductive and heartfelt, honest and increasingly relatable. This love song for the contemporary music fan is nothing like you’ll have heard before, it shines brightly for that Spoonuel style and freedom.

There’s something about this artist and this sound that just breathes innovation into the scene. At the same time, the softness and humble delivery of that leading voice is so quietly confident that there’s an additional level of realness and even something slightly endearing about the whole thing.

Brilliant, a stand out EP from this summer and a fine introduction to this artist. I look forward to future projects – likely to be as professionally crafted, as considerate and unpredictable yet musically satisfying as everything you find here. Well worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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