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SpoonFed B With Me


When the songwriting jumps out at you much more boldly than the genre, you know you’re onto something good. SpoonFed’s B With Me is a song that gets better and better as it moves along. What at first may feel like a Mac DeMarco-inspired shoe-gaze sound alongside of a hip hop beat, soon becomes something else entirely as the track progresses – and then something else again once more after that.

What’s great about this song is that every section is worthy of being a hook. Where the average song would offer a minimal verse and a perhaps simple, logical pre-chorus as a pathway to the big moment, this song utilises every second to draw your interest and keep you entertained. The melodic changes start to happen fairly early on, so although it’s easy to vibe to this track from the offset, there’s also plenty that works hard to remind you to really pay attention and to appreciate the creativity and the honest expression.

SpoonFed offers a somewhat carefree approach to musicianship, though this contrasts slightly with the depth of thought and the concerns expressed within the lyrics of this song. It’s a calming sound, for sure – the track sounds great, easy to listen to on repeat and a part of that is because of how uniquely structured the whole thing is. When you really listen though, there’s plenty of youthful turmoil being presented – the mind has wandered freely and the songwriter has documented that journey. All of this adds to the growing value of the song as it plays out.

Coming through at almost four and a half minutes long, this is much more of an experience than most indie pop songs tend to be. And yet it’s subtle; nothing screams out at you for attention. The song works on the strength and character of its writing and of SpoonFed’s laid back, colourful aura. Well worth a listen and I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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