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Spirit Of The Damned Listen To Me


Fearless and masterful in blending skillful metal craft-work with charming vocal prowess and a clearly structured melodic progression – Michael Cottrell’s Spirit Of The Damned launches the evocative and intense new single Listen To Me.

Conceptually devoted to the turmoil of poor mental health, Listen To Me proceeds to detail our protagonist’s struggle with self and the desire to escape from the weight of uncertainty, isolation and pain.

Alongside this lyrical depth, the soundscape and performance are stunning – the set-up is heavy yet finely-produced for an overall enveloping listen, and the guitar solos and vocal switches add a brilliantly effective dynamic; bridging the gap between the uniting anthem of the chorus and the greater longing and artistry at the heart of the creative process.

An impressive fusion of traits, a powerful performance, and a well-executed take on the broadly relatable topic of declining personal well-being.

Download or stream Listen To Me. Find Michael Cottrell on Instagram & Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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