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Spike Ivory Outside Looking In


Honest indie-rock blending warmth of writing and tone – Spike Ivory delivers a heartfelt anthem of pop-rock purity and colour, for Outside Looking In.

Building up from the simple and familiar introduction of electric rhythm guitar, Outside Looking In soon brings through a raspy Americana vocal lead of short lines that rise and fall melodically. The set-up naturally appeals for its regular resolves, and this effect grows stronger still as we reach the brightness and uplift of the chorus.

Featuring subtle yet effective piano and secondary vocals for that background fullness, Outside Looking In showcases the story, sentiments and style of long-time musician and songwriter Spike Ivory in a manner that naturally connects. The release feels like a timeless radio hit, catchy and comforting in its reflective nature and musical optimism, and balances that mainstream appeal with a clear sense of organic, unedited performance, which will no doubt translate beautifully in the live setting.

From the album of the same name, Outside Looking In highlights the true energy and embrace of Spike Ivory’s songwriting and passionate, recognizable style as an indie artist. The album is wonderful, eclectic and thoughtful, heartfelt and uplifting in equal parts, with aspects of Folk, Country and Rock and Roll all intertwined.

An easy favourite for this season – a fine collection of songs ideally designed to warm up the colder months that lie ahead.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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