SPENSER M - CLOUD 9 - Stereo Stickman



Seven minutes of audio exploration uniting relentless House rhythms with cinematic layers of industrial and human intricacies – producer and artist SPENSER M rides the wave of success from his recent mixes, with the boldly unique CLOUD 9.

Increasingly immersive from the opening intrigue through the evolving weight and energy of the soundscape, CLOUD 9 effectively blends the euphoric embrace of timeless EDM, with a central intensity and breath-like dynamic that rises and falls throughout.

Naturally extensive in keeping with the origins of the genre, CLOUD 9 speaks volumes on behalf of both the clear skill of the producer and his unshakable passion for the process. All at once we’re gifted multiple levels of melody and movement, with this underlying fusion of joy and uncertainty adding a theme-park-style degree of realness in the backdrop – and these details build up to captivate all the more so as the piece gathers momentum.

Aptly switching gears at just the right moment, from the warmth of bass to the lightness of synth, always maintaining that relentless single beat, CLOUD 9 brings to focus the world-music flavours and professional abilities of SPENSER M. It’s also an easy must for the late summer nights that lie ahead of us.

Single out July 21st. Find SPENSER M on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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