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space lxvvy hajime (ep)


Dreamy vocals and heavy bass-led production meets with openly thoughtful, emotional lyrics to kick off this impressively intimate and immersive new project from space lxvvy.

No Time is the opener, three minutes of ambient synths and distorted, upfront bass alongside the natural, calming tones of that vocal. It’s a calling card, but it’s subtle – the following track Miami Misty quickly injects a level of attitude and pace that completely redirects things.

Sure the music still has that summertime, lo-fi chill vibe, but the voice elevates, moves through rap verses of smart lyricism and sharper tongues than before. Still impressive, more so now in his versatility and these poignant contemplations on life and death.

The seven-track EP that is hajime continues to connect in a creatively unpredictable way. There are traits of the contemporary scene, the melody-rap in the opener, the single-toned outpouring of jarred rhythm in Flick, but for the most part lxvvy keeps things personal and under the thumb of his own creative freedom.

Highlights include the finger-style calm and optimism of 2900, an emotional moment of pause and reflection, with strong melodies and poetic openness. Also the passion and grit of That Ain’t Me, classic in production and volume but personal again in letting space lxvvy exercise his own experiences and perspectives on the mic.

Download or stream hajime here. Check out space lxvvy on Twitter & IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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