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South West Rambo SQUEEZE


South West Rambo’s return this year brings a single fresh from the upcoming EP Mal De Coucou. 

Squeeze is a quickly engaging alt-pop song with an addictive melody and a simple yet uplifting bounce. It’s a song that moves very swiftly from simply likable to surprisingly brilliant – there’s an unpredictable sense of development that follows the opening rhythm and space, and this helps create a massive aura of freshness. With that, you get these various sections that are equally impossible to expect – flickers of hip hop come into view, that leading voice carrying every element flawlessly, and the more you hear; the more the true depth of the song stands out.

Having heard South West Rambo for the first time last summer, the creative angle was always impressive, but this new release is in a league of its own. The upcoming EP is set to be one well worth letting play on repeat – and returning to again and again. Everything here satisfies – the melody, the soundscape – dreamlike and entrancingly rhythmic – the lyrics, the performance, the thoughtfulness and subsequently the way it gets you thinking. A totally unexpected yet wonderfully appealing new release from an EP that’s well worth looking out for. A great track, and straight in the long-term playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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