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South West Rambo Dental


South West Rambo soaks audiences in those vintage, laid-back good vibes that suit the summer pretty perfectly. The Dental ambiance is lightly chaotic from the offset, feeling like a busy day, energetic but composed in being so. Following this, a smooth but simultaneously gritty chorus of voices deliver a simple yet infectious melody-line – the song’s hook, perfectly in keeping with the mood of the music. It’s an easily entrancing, smile-inducing way to begin, and things only get more interesting as the track progresses.

The song’s general soundscape and that chorus section are a fraction of what makes it what it is. The South West Rambo sound incorporates much more than this, mainly a confident and conscious rap style that pours lyrics of depth and detailed observation through in a totally calming, captivating way. Even just shut up and listen has the desired effect, not feeling aggressive, but genuine – presenting a sense of knowing that what follows is worth paying attention to.

Where this type of meeting between the thoughtful, jazz-cafe vibes of trip-hop and the quickness of hip hop might have some nostalgic properties – as in, it likely reminds certain listeners of a particular time, possibly during the early nineties – there’s something not quite so classic about it all as well. The lyrics are refreshing, and the sheer detail and multiple musical layers within, plus the wordplay, makes for something surprisingly new. The track just flows and flows, it’s hypnotic, the content is relatable – how they deal with the ways of the music industry, the values of real life and experience in contrast with material worth; it’s inspiring, and so quick to connect. With every new listen something else breaks through, some idea or point of interest that further seals the deal. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

Download the music via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Visit South West Rambo’s Website for more info or check out his merch here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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