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The genre tags lay the foundation fairly well for this release, but they don’t really allow for the variety and creativity that emerges as each song plays out. The Söur Bruthers sound is stylish, energetic, soulful, and satisfying in the way that any great blues-rock or Americana soaked record should be. The opening instrumentation for Sinkin’ Down paves the way for what is a melodic and entertaining show of story telling delivered by a gritty and emotionally captivating leading voice.

The lead singer for this band actually has a slightly country rock twang or tone not dissimilar to the likes of Cobain. It’s a stunning voice, it carries the sentiment and raw energy of these songs in the most authentic and compelling way. Surrounding this, the manic energy of the drums, the chaotic and colourful guitar solos, the accompanying chorus of vocals – the entire ensemble hits with almost the impact of a real time live show. From a songwriting perspective as well, you remember the hook, you leave the experience singing those very words to yourself – Won’t you help me get my feet back on the ground. 

Better Days keeps the vibe high and bright, the joyful mood of this one is infectious and immediately pulls you in to be a part of the action. There’s a touch of the heartfelt and reflective here, it’s a real moment of truth, humanity, and optimism – the melody, the delivery, the lyrics – there’s a delicacy behind the pace that connects on a very genuine level. Really well placed as the second song on the project, an early indication of the depth and passion of the band.

3 a.m furthers the delicacy to showcase an acoustically led story line that hits with a singer/songwriter sort of style. The piano part adds a new dynamic, there’s a feeling of being in a bar somewhere far from home, though the relationship aspect of the lyricism simultaneously draws up thoughts of similar experiences and feelings. It works well. Following this, All I Want storms in to action with the full throttle energy of that rock and roll sound from earlier. You get over the melancholy, you move on with your mood and your day. The arrangement of this project makes it all the more effective, each song seems the perfect chaser for what came before. The melody here has an addictive quality, I was reminded slightly of The Distillers, quite unexpectedly. There’s a lot to love about this EP.

Wash Away brings a certain sense of rhythm and space. Your attention is drawn to the voice, your body is energized by the beat, and your mind is intrigued and provoked by the unfolding lyricism. That slightly metal or hard-rock aura lingers in the distance once again. The way this track has been crafted makes for an incredibly satisfying and memorable experience. The song has so much character and poetry and style, the effect is brilliant. A personal highlight.

The final moments come in the shape of Release Me, a notably bright song and perhaps the most mainstream feeling contender if such a thing is still relevant. This one feels like a classic blues rock and roll hit from yesteryear, hopeful and light on the senses, yet rhythmic and satisfying enough to carry things confidently to a close. The eclecticism on this collection is cleverly and professionally matched by the distinct thread and sense of identity that the band present. The songwriting and performances are top notch, with equal parts power and softness, energy and calm, it makes for a consistently enjoyable half hour of music.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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