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Sounds of Jubilee Yes She Will


An anthem to empower and energize, Yes She Will is a pop single with a mighty build-up to a drop that ultimately rains down with strength and secure intention. In addition, the resolve of that title, that hook, resounds and satisfies beautifully at the end of each progression.

Sounds Of Jubilee leads with long-form verse melodies for this single, taking every moment to tell a detailed and clear-cut story, before rising up and building anticipation towards the final moments of optimism and possibility – She Will Rise…

Musically there’s a clean finish to the vocals here for the most part. Particularly towards the end, as the middle-8 welcomes a subtle choir of additional vocals, and the melody meanders between short bursts of ideas and longer-form, almost rap-like moments of expression, you can appreciate the passion and the live performance aspect. The leading voice reaches impeccable peaks during these final moments. Elsewhere though, the electronic-pop finish allows for a more dance-inspired vibe to emerge, and also strikes up a potential for remix.

A defiant and powerful piece, which rightfully holds nothing back.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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