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Souleye Keep Dreaming (Feat. Sunspot Jonz)


Vividly atmospheric production and a familiar two-note progression mark out this uniquely gripping soundscape and track from Souleye and Sunspot Jonz.

Featuring whispered verses, distantly mixed and depicting the same level of literary contemplation and poetry employed throughout Souleye’s repertoire, Keep Dreaming ultimately works towards a euphoric and synth-loaded resolve; with a softly catchy hook at the forefront for that memorable twist.

Sunsopt Jonz maintains this vibe but delves into another twist of character, with mildly more bold and equally poetic bars for the second verse. Intrigue and versatility hold interest throughout a varied flow and waves of changing energy, before the drop back to that intensely awakening hook.

Throughout its journey, Keep Dreaming manages to incite a united level of mystery, contemplation and hope – an approach consistent with the unpredictable edge of artistry that is both Souleye and Sunspot Jonz.

The entire first half blends genres with fearless conviction, not simply hip hop nor trip hop nor anything else – its own envisioned take on the inspiring concept of rising up from darkness towards the hopeful realm of dreaming.

Lyrically as vivid and loaded with scenery and reflections on the outside world, Keep Dreaming achieves a fine balance between the boldly personal and the broadly relatable. This meeting of profound lyrical openness and ethereal production allows for an intense hit of escapism – one that’s both enchanting and uplifting when listened to in full.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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